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Jing Brand Satisfaction upon 2022 Edition of China Brand Evaluation 劲牌荣登“2022中国品牌价值评价信息”榜单!

release time:October 27, 2022

The Brand defines an enterprise’s market competitiveness. In order to establish a brand evaluation mechanism with Chinese characteristics and enhance its international influence and competitiveness, recently, Xinhua News Agency, China Council for Brand Development and China Appraisal Society jointly released the 2022 edition of Chinese Brand Evaluation, with Jing Brand Co., Ltd. ranked 7th for light industry category with a brand value worth RMB 24.517 billion.


It is reported that “China Brand Evaluation Press Conference” is jointly organized and hosted by China Council for Brand Development and relevant authorities for over 9 years. Complying with international and national standards and upholding the principles of “scientific, fair, open and official”; with an increasing public attention and recognition, the Conference is an major event to establish a brand evaluation mechanism with Chinese characteristics, creating positive energy to globally promote Chinese brands.