Infrastructure: The Jing Brand Research Institute carries out researches on the basic applied technology of healthcare liquor, baijiu and biological medicine with a concept of being "Safe, Advanced, Efficient, Intelligent, Environmental". It is designed and constructed with reference to the first-class r&d laboratories in the world. With a total investment of RMB380 million, it covers an area of 3,200 ㎡ and a single construction area of 23,318 ㎡, and it was put into use in October, 2016. The Institute is equipped with seven specialized research rooms, including TCM prescription, safety and pharmacology, product stability, healthy drinking, pharmaceutical chemistry, microbiology and brewing technology, and an open laboratory for technical cooperation around the world. At the same time, JING BRAND has set up 5 pilot workshops of modern extraction and separation of traditional Chinese medicine: herbal liquors, brewing technology, expanded cultivation of microorganisms, and solid healthcare food, all of which adopt first-class equipment and facilities in the industry, forming a complete research and development and application technology system. Cooperation: Since 1983, JING BRAND has cooperated with Peking University, China Pharmaceutical University, Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hubei Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wuhan University, Hubei College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other renowned domestic universities and institutions in product development, process testing and quality analysis. At present, the company is gradually internationalized in technology research and development and has begun to cooperate with the National University of Singapore, Charles River Laboratory of United States, Harvard University, the University of Hawaii, Osaka University in Japan, the Imperial College of London, the University of Leuven in Belgium and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research to carry out regular technical cooperation. Subjects: (1)The research on Auxiliary Protective Effect of Buckwheat Liquor on Alcoholic Liver Injury in Rats jointly conducted with Harvard Medical School in the United States. (2)The Experiential Research on the Effect of Chinese Herbal Extracts in Maopu Buckwheat Liquor on Autophagy jointly conducted with Osaka University in Japan. (3)The investigation on Microconstituents Identification and Labeling of Chinese Jingjiu jointly conducted with University of Hawaii in the United States. (4)The research on Low Yield & Higher Alcohol Yeast Screening Project jointly conducted with KU Leuven in Belgium. (5)The research on Headache and Thirst Caused by Liquor Products jointly conducted with Imperial College London in Great Britain.