Brand Introduction

In 1953, Jing Brand Co., Ltd was founded in the bronze hometown--Daye, Hubei. After more than 60 years of steady development, it has now become a professional health food company. At present, the company has three major Health-care liquor businesses, Healthy Baijiu and Biomedicine, as well as two brands of "Chinese Jing Jiu" and "Maopu Buckwheat Liquor". Jing Brand Co., Ltd adheres to the development path of quality and efficiency and continues to lead the Health-care liquor industry in China. The company's leading product, Chinese Jing Jiu has an annual sales volume of 800 million bottles and has achieved full coverage in the Chinese market. It has also been sold to 20 countries and regions such as Hong Kong and Macao, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Japan.

Technological innovation

In recent years, Jing Brand has always adhered to quality and promoted product strength as the "key point" of company survival. It pays close attention to product quality, continues to innovate in science and technology, and continuously builds strong product strength. At present, the Mao Pu Buckwheat Liquor Purple Label and Chinese Jing Jiu Golden Label developed by the company have been successfully launched on the market and have been widely welcomed by consumers. Jing Brand Biomedicine Co., Ltd has become the first pilot Chinese medicine formula granule production company in Hubei Province, filling in the blank space left in the Chinese medicine formula granule business in Hubei Province. Jing Brand focuses on intellectual property protection, which now has 833 registered trademarks and 324 patents, including 52 invention patents.

Good Water and Medicinal Material

Jing Brand’s vision and mission are to "continuously improve our customers physical conditions and life quality". "Water, is the blood of liquor." Jing Brand is well versed in the truth that "Good water produces good liquor". In order to further improve product quality and find high-quality water sources, in 1999, the company invited geologists and water quality experts to carry out water selection work, traveling across almost every mountain range and every lake in southeast Hubei. Eventually they decided to focus on the Mufu Mountains, which stretches at the junction of Hunan, Jiangxi, and Hubei provinces, which is around 160 kilometers long with the main peak at 1595.6 meters above sea level. The trees and plants are lush, and the water is rich, making it especially suitable for the growing and reproducing microorganisms, which is a natural fermentation tank for the production of high-quality liquor. Mr. Zhou Henggang, leading authority of China's Baijiu industry, called it "the paradise of liquor making". In the end, the people of Jing brand found natural spring water in seven caves, Shuanglong Spring, Banshan Luo, Xianren Cave, Yangshi Spring, Guanyin Cave, Zhaiwan Spring, and Zuoxi Spring. Over the past ten years, the company has invested 1.17 billion yuan and built three original liquor ecological parks along with the seven major springs, so that the natural and pollution-free natural environment and water quality can ensure the original liquor quality.

Modern Technology

Jing Brand Co., Ltd. insists on the enhancement of technological innovation and constant improvement of quality and supply of higher quality products for consumers. Since 2006, the company has cooperated with Peking University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other scientific research institutions to officially launch the project of new distilling technique of Xiaoqu Liquor, and took a substantial step in replacing traditional manual labor with automatic machinery production. From August 2010, Jing Brand started to undertake the project of tackling the problems in the “China Baijiu 158 Plan” proposed by China Alcoholic Drinks Association. In 2012, Jing Brand proposed “the construction of four modernizations". After a decade of hard work, the company was the first to have created the following new technologies at home and abroad, such as pressurized grain steaming, solid-state bacteria cultivation, temperature-controlled saccharification, low-temperature tank fermentation, mechanical utensil distillation, etc., realizing the effective integration of mechanization and informationization in distilling process, preventing raw materials from touching the ground and operators during the whole process, eliminating the impact of climate and human factors on the production process, greatly improving the high-quality rate and taste of the original liquor, and symbolizing the step taken by Baijiu distilling into era of industrialization from the traditional workshop production and gradually realizing the transformation to mechanized and automatic distilling production mode.

Social Responsibilities

By adhering to the social concept of "The rise and fall of the country, my responsibility", “Love Society, Create Prosperity”, Jing Brand has enthusiastically engaged in giving back to society and the country in the manner of public charity and corporate social responsibilities. According to statistics, as of the end of 2018, the company's cumulative total of charitable donations over the years has exceeded 2 billion yuan. Since 2004, Jing Brand has run 507 “Jing Brand Sunshine Classes” in 90 schools of 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, and invested more than 250 million yuan, helping more than 20,000 poverty-stricken students to complete their high school education and receive higher education. On September 22-23, 2017, the first "Sunshine Forum" event was held in the Jing Brand Research Institute. More than 230 representatives of related school leaders, teachers and students from Sunshine Classes attended the event from 31 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions.

Industry Influence

The company has further enhanced its influence in industry development. From September 5 to 7, 2017, National Baijiu Industry Transformation and Upgrading Site Conference and China Baijiu “158 Plan" Summary Conference was held at the headquarters of Jing Brand. At the conference, the company was awarded with the title of "China Baijiu 158 Plan Demonstration Enterprise" due to its remarkable achievements in the "construction of four modernizations" of the new liquor brewing process; on November 8, 2017, Jing Brand Maotai Town Distillery Co., Ltd. was established, with the second phase of the project officially put into production, realizing the independent production of soy sauce flavored Baijiu and marking the new era and new journey of the company's liquor deployment. On August 8, 2018, the construction of the 4th Branch of the company's Jing Brand Distillery successfully commenced in Daye Lake High-tech Zone, Huangshi. The plant has been planned in place in one time and will be completed in three phases. In the future, it will be built into a comprehensive industrial park integrating production, packaging and storage.