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In 1953, Jing Brand Co., Ltd was founded in the bronze hometown--Daye, Hubei. After more than 60 years of steady development, it has now become a professional health food company.

1953— 1957 1958— 1978 1981— 1986 1987— 1989 1990— 1997

1953 — 1957

1953: production officially began in a new distillery built in Daye County. 1957: production was expanded as the Daye county distillery became state-owned and new factories were built near Qinglong mountain and the Dongyue Temple (which is now the Dongyue road staff dormitory area), near Hongxing Lake.

1958 — 1978

1975: a mechanized brewing workshop was established.

1981 — 1986

1981: based on market research, a decision was made to readjust the product mix and develop tonic and low-alcohol wines, such as Liangui Tonic Wine, Yingbin Wine, Double Happiness Wine and Kombucha Wine. The "Liangui Tonic Wine" is this company's first health wine product. 1982: the "Longevity Wine", based on the “Liangui”, was successfully developed. Participation in the Canton Fair that year led to new sales deals with Singapore, where it was sold as “Yu Wine”, according to the local Singaporean customs. 1983: the company changed its name to "Daye County Yu Wine Factory" in March.

1987 — 1989

1984: two new products were successfully launched -- the "Caofu White Lotus" and "Furong Liquid Jade". 1987: a new factory in Qilijie was established. 1989: "China Jing Wine" was successfully developed. The stock produced that year was all sold to Malaysia as “Mr. Li Xueli's Custom Wine”. During the month of December, the company was renamed "Hubei Palace Winery".During the month of December, the company was renamed "Hubei Palace Winery".

1990 — 1997

1993: celebrity Jiang Kun was invited to be a spokesman. The advertising slogan "although Jing wine is good, don't be greedy for refills" was born and a national TV advertisement marketed wines to the whole of China. 1997: the company was changed from a state-owned system to a joint-stock cooperative system, with all employees holding shares, and was renamed "Hubei Jingpai Wine Co., Ltd."