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Maopu Herbal Liquor—8-years-vintage

(1)Year of base liquor:8 years (2)Net Volume: 500mL (3)Alcohol content: 42%、52% (4)Main ingredients: Baijiu, water, tatary buckwheat, goji berry, Kudzuvine Root, folium mori, Acerola cherry fruit.

Pure raw materials

Maopu buckwheat liquor is a new type of baijiu innovated and developed by JING BRAND CO., LTD. Maopu buckwheat liquor has already obtained the National Invention Patent for manufacturing. The buckwheat grows at a cold upland at an altitude of more than 2500 meters in Liangshan County, Sichuan province. The liquor is yellowish in color and has a unique buckwheat smell, giving off a different fragrance to that of traditional Chinese baijiu.

Unique taste and smell

Maopu buckwheat liquor is a blend of three baijiu aroma types—mild, strong and soy sauce aromatic liquor. The flavor is fragrant and mellow, while also being sweet and lingering, which overcomes the shortcomings of single-flavor liquor in both its taste and flavor. Compared to traditional Chinese baijiu, which has a stinging and fiery taste, the buckwheat spirits have a harmonious one. It tastes softer and more full-bodied with an overflowing smell.

Rich herbs

The Maopu buckwheat liquor is also includes extracts from rich herbs such as Kudzu root, goji berry, Kudzuvine Root, folium mori, Acerola cherry fruit. all of which contains a variety of active ingredients. These ingredients can reduce the damage of alcohol on the liver, and also help reduce blood lipids. Maopu buckwheat has shown to make people feel more comfortable and relaxed.


Maopu Herbal Liquor—8-years-vintage 500ml 42%vol

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